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Attendees feedback

I am so blown away. I have never invested into going to these conferences in the past due to the perceived opportunity cost of travel and time off from work but I have spent 10X $ on 1/10 amount of education. Amazing job to everyone who put this together.Erik Engstrom
I thought James Grenning's talk was outstanding, engaging, and very informative. Niall Cooling's "How Agile is changing the face of embedded software development" was excellent (a very close #2). The title caught me off-guard and I almost filtered it out because of the title, but I loved it, totally approve his definition of what it really means to be agile. Thanks for organizing. The content was very good overall.Jeremy
The conference was and still is GREAT! I've only watched 5-6 presentations completely, and a couple of others just partially so far. But the presentations were very well done, and this was a great idea during the pandemic. Thanks to you, Jacob, and all of the speakers. Only looked at the Joule Scope on the show floor and it was pretty interesting. I also liked his presentation on power measurement - but all were great.Ted
This was my first year attending and I have to say, it was awesome. I think my biggest concern was that there wouldn't be very many talks for new/junior developers (I graduated 3 years ago), or that the advanced ones wouldn't explain things in a way easily understood by non experts. That was not the case at all, so I wanted to say I really liked that. There was a wide range of talks for juniors to seniors and the more complex topics were explained well. It definitely generated more discussion among my team than I've ever seen before. Was a good way for junior guys to learn along with seniors. As for the virtual floor, I haven't watched many yet, but the ones I did, I liked. Short. To the point. As for my favourites... I can't pick just one: - Jacob Beningo, both of his on reusable code and best practices were awesome. It was nice having an expert validate some of the practices I've already learned (but you're never sure if that's the best way) and to hear new ones. - Miro Samek, Modern Embedded Software Goes Beyond The RTOS. Just super good instructor. - Jan Jangboom, really well put together demo All in all... can't wait for next year. And I'll continue to watch more videos.Trevor
I have been enjoying the Embedded Online Conference so far. I appreciate that the speakers are taking the time to answer questions asynchronously. The show floor is an interesting concept too.Alejandra
Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the responsibility by making the conference accessible for everyone. I really enjoyed the technical talk by Mr. Maxfield on "What the FAQ is an FPGA?". Loved the talk from start to finish. Thank you for giving me the access to this conference.Nikhil
It is great to have so different topics in one place loosely coupled by Embedded. As my time allows, I am still checking the videos. Favorite? Depends on my immediate concern! All of them are great and valuable.Milan
The conference was absolute blockbuster!! I can't pick up any words to describe anything about it - the presentations, presenters, even some 'after the presentation' Zoom meetings. Oh my goodness!! As many attendees already pointed out I also didn't have a chance to attend any of the previous editions/similar conferences in the past (mostly due to financial reasons), but this online edition finally gave me an opportunity to feel (at least partially) the spirit of networking, interactions, experience sharing, knowledge gaining that such conferences provide. The quality of ALL presentations was at the utmost highest level and it's really hard to pick up favorite one. But I will mention the presentations of the embedded world experts and luminaries such as James Grenning, Jacob Beningo, Clive 'Max' Maxfield, Colin Walls, Miro Samek, Niall Cooling, as well as prominent expert practitioners such as Sergio Prado, Andrew Banks, Pete Warden, Christopher Seidl and others. All the best and keep up the excellent work.Boban