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A Simple Embedded System in X Flavours

Tim Guite

A Simple Embedded System in X Flavours
Tim Guite

Most of us are here because we enjoy writing code that makes things happen in the real world. Throughout this conference and tech talks during the year, we are presented with lots of options for our embedded systems.

These options are often presented to us as floating gently down a calm river.

Yet, when we come to use these technologies in our serious systems, where we want reliability, unit testing and CI/CD, we feel like we are rapidly tumbling down towards a big waterfall.

How do I get a simple embedded system to work for me?

In this talk, I will discuss my experience getting a simple embedded system (reading a sensor and displaying it to a user) working in X technologies such as:

  • Simulation: Custom, Renode, Wokwi
  • Bare Metal / Languages: C, C++, Rust (Ferrocene), Ada, Circuit Python, Arduino, LibHal
  • RTOS: ThreadX, FreeRTOS, Zephyr, Integrity OS, Riot OS, PX5, uC OS III, eCos, SafeRTOS, Nucleus
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