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Live Q&A - Power Management on Linux: From the Hardware to the Kernel and User Space Interfaces

Sergio Prado - Watch Now - EOC 2024 - Duration: 20:59

Live Q&A - Power Management on Linux: From the Hardware to the Kernel and User Space Interfaces
Sergio Prado
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Score: 1 | 2 months ago | 1 reply

Really great presentation! The last line of the summary is really worth emphasizing:
"Power management is a system-wide challenge and requires a holistic approach!"
It certainly does! As well as the software, there needs to be hardware support for example to switch external regulators or devices and clocks off to reduce consumption, and the product may need heat dissipation strategies to avoid the kernel thermal management acting to throttle CPU and GPU and thus render the user experience unacceptable. It can be a very painful lesson to learn.

Score: 0 | 2 months ago | no reply

You are totally right mmckaydavies! And probably the hardware design is much more challenging, since it cannot be patched easily later!

16:08:38 From Raul Pando to Everyone:
	On the power consumption tools topic when profiling usage, do you tend to lean more into the built-in user space tools available, a few mentioned in the presentation (e.g. PowerTop), rather than external measuring devices?
16:10:41 From BobF to Everyone:
	Although dominantly device, kernel, application, workload dependent, using these techniques, what wattage savings (in approx. percentages) can one expect ... single /double figures?
16:14:34 From BobF to Everyone:
	Will take some convincing, to many ... milli-Watts, in the whole scheme of things! Admittedly, 'how long a length of string' question!
16:17:59 From Raul Pando to Everyone:
	Sergio in your opinion, are heterogeneous architectures (processor + microntroller, e.g. iMX8) a segment one should consider when optimising for power?
16:20:24 From Raul Pando to Everyone:
	Exciting times, thank you!
16:20:31 From BobF to Everyone:
	Comment: One good way to reduce power consumption would be .... throw out the rubbish (apps especially) that already are consuming extensive resources!
16:22:57 From Lyden Smith to Everyone:
	Thank you Sergio!
16:22:58 From SuziO to Everyone:
	Thank you so much for your talk!