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Live Q&A - Rust and C++ Inter-operability

Tobias Hunger - Watch Now - EOC 2024 - Duration: 21:34

Live Q&A - Rust and C++ Inter-operability
Tobias Hunger
Live Q&A with Tobias Hunger for the talk titled Rust and C++ Inter-operability
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

09:35:46	 From Raul Pando : How is the debugging experience like? Can one still use step through the code when using bindings either way?
09:39:00	 From BobF : Qu.1) In your wide experience, any significant pitfalls you could mention ... for Rust interoperability?
Qu.2) In a related context, could Rust be made interoperable, interface wise, with MatLab, as C & C++ are?
Comment : The title could possibly be mistaken, for lay-persons, to be an advert for WD-40 !!
09:42:00	 From BobF : Thanks, great slides and the title is great !!
09:42:14	 From Raul Pando : I think you touched on C++ based frameworks like Qt being interoperable with Rust through bindings. Do you see any limitations with Qt in particular?
09:44:36	 From Kouakou : when the C to rust translate a C code to rust, you mention, it is not safe. What are  the risks about and how to fix them
09:48:16	 From BobF : Dare I say it, is 'Rust' being adopted by the automobile industry?
09:53:12	 From Raul Pando : Thanks Tobias, fascinating talk
09:53:16	 From Lyden Smith : Thank you Tobias!
09:53:36	 From Kouakou : Thanks Tobias!
09:53:41	 From BobF : Worth investigating further, thanks