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The Device Feedback Loop - What does it mean for IoT Operations and Development?

Dr. Johan Kraft - Percepio - Watch Now - Duration: 38:51

Join this interactive session with Percepio founder Dr. Johan Kraft and learn why the IoT industry is embracing the idea of a Device Feedback Loop to safeguard IoT operations. Based on interviews with senior stakeholders at leading OEMs, examples of relevant metrics are provided to illustrate how monitoring them could help your business. Afterwards, you are welcome to join an open discussion in the Q&A session where you can hear additional views from other attendees and share your own experiences.

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Then you probably need a local server that receives the data and notifies the right person at the facility. We are planning to offer such a solution in the future, but no firm plans for that yet. If you are seriously interested in this we could schedule a meeting to discuss a project. In that case, contact me at johan.kraft@percepio.com.

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Some of our customers don't want any data exiting their devices or plant. How do you handle this?