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The Embedded Frontier: Modern Trends and Practices

Jacob Beningo

The Embedded Frontier: Modern Trends and Practices
Jacob Beningo

Embedded systems development has dramatically changed over the last decade. Navigating today's trends and where you need to be tomorrow can impact whether you’ll be successful or struggle to deliver your products on time. The latest trends can lead to best practices that help you develop more reliable embedded devices faster and within customer budgets.

In this session, we will explore the current state of the embedded software industry, the trends, and the practices that are helping teams be successful. We will look at the dynamics between C, C++, and Rust adoption. The impact that AI and ML are having on how we develop and debug embedded systems. We’ll look at changes to how systems are architected and the improvements in build systems and lifecycle processes that help teams manage complexity.

Attendees will walk away, understanding where the industry is at today, where it’s going, and the changes they need to make to stay up to date.

Topics covered in this talk will include:

  • Programming Language Trends
  • AI & ML Development Techniques
  • Lifecycle Automation with DevOps and CI/CD
  • Build Systems and Configuration
  • Testing and simulation
  • Modern Software Architectures
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