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Showcasing the Latest Embedded Solutions as Shown at CES 2024

- STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - EOC 2024 - Duration: 09:02

Showcasing the Latest Embedded Solutions as Shown at CES 2024

Demo applications leveraging Wireless technologies and AI processing.

Application Area
Posture recognition, Wireless contactless camera, Wireless communication

Target Devices
STM32 MCU, STM32 MPU, STM32WBA, STM32 AI Solutions, ST60

Target Hardware
STM32 Development Boards

Demo 1: Amazon Sidewalk – Wide Area Network
Operator 1: Anuja Upale – Product Marketing Engineer

Demo 2: Hand posture recognition with AI on STM32
Operator 2: Louis Gobin – Product Marketing Engineer

Demo 3: STM32MP2 AI-Accelerated Processor
Operator 3: Mena Roumbakis – Product Marketing Engineer

Demo 4: Contactless Camera Using 60GHz RF Link
Operator 4: Wafa Iqbal – Product Marketing Manager

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Score: 0 | 3 weeks ago | 1 reply

ST Team, Do you have a description of the ML model using the Time-of-Flight sensor for gesture recognition? It is an interesting implementation.

ST Team
Score: 0 | 2 weeks ago | no reply

Model used was a CNN, all the information and data used can be found here. Hand posture recognition without camera module - STMicroelectronics - STM32 AI: https://stm32ai.st.com/use-case/hand-posture-recognition-without-camera-module/
If you are interested in reproducing this or other use cases here are some other examples with different tools/platforms also addressing ToF for gesture rec:
Run a Rock-Paper-Scissors game on Arduino using NanoEdge AI Studio - STMicroelectronics - STM32 AI: https://stm32ai.st.com/use-case/run-a-rock-paper-scissors-game-on-arduino-using-nanoedge-ai-studio/
Shifumi gesture recognition - STMicroelectronics - STM32 AI: https://stm32ai.st.com/use-case/shifumi-gesture-recognition/
Gesture recognition for gaming - STMicroelectronics - STM32 AI: https://stm32ai.st.com/use-case/gesture-recognition-for-gaming/

Score: 0 | 3 weeks ago | 1 reply

The STA60 looks quite interesting, but I note that it's not available at distributors and seems to have been floated about at CES for a few years now. There did not appear to be a datasheet nor cad models at st.com, either. When would you expect it to be generally available?

ST Team
Score: 0 | 2 weeks ago | no reply

The ST60 is not a mass market product yet; the information is shared under NDA by ST. We plan on releasing some info and EVB for general public towards the end of this year.

Score: 0 | 3 weeks ago | no reply

like the experiment with rotation of camera that does not deteriorate the video quality