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Aditya Om

Aditya is a senior Embedded/Platform Software Engineer working at a startup that is using photonics to cut down on the power consumption of server-class compute platforms designed specifically for enterprise AI workloads. He is passionate about the intersection of where software meets actuation and control at nano-scale in space and time. He loves to talk about debugging, memory dumps, poetry and hiking.

Debugging with OpenOCD

Status: Coming up in April 2024!

Debugging cross-platfrom embedded micro-controller architectures is a major challenge as the demands on compute and power increase with AI knocking on the edge. OpenOCD is a powerful novel cross-platform open-source software tool that lets us debug and program embedded devices directly on their hardware, using a JTAG interface. It's like having a virtual microscope and workshop for our microcontrollers for most architectures like - ARM, RISC-V, MIPS, AVR32, Xtensa, EnSilica eSi-RISC, and many more.

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