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Alvaro Prieto

Alvaro is an Embedded Software Engineer both at home and at work. He's previously worked at companies like Apple, Texas Instruments, and Verily. Currently, he's the Principal Embedded Software Engineer at Sofar Ocean Technologies. In his free time, Alvaro enjoys making cheese and building various electronic gadgets. He also is the co-host of the Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast.

Adventures in Debugging

Status: Available Now

Have you ever had tricky, hard-to-find bugs in your hardware/firmware? Me too!

Join me while we go through some past troubleshooting and debugging adventures and learn various techniques and tools in the process!

Some topics might include:

  • GDB and python
  • Various signal probing techniques
  • Simple tracing (without additional hardware!)
  • Debugging remote devices
  • Useful (and not-so-useful logs!)
  • Fatfs performance lessons

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Live Q&A - Adventures in Debugging

Status: Available Now

Live Q&A with Alvaro Prieto for the talk titled Adventures in Debugging

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