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Ayinde Olayiwola

Ayinde Olayiwola is the Head of Hardware Engineering at Quantum Leap, a company that is one of the largest teams building smart IoT devices in Portugal and across Europe. He is also a Sr. Embedded Consultant for Autonomous systems at Euler Motors based in India. Olayiwola is a Co-Founder and former CTO at ByteHUb Embedded based in Nigeria. With over 13 years of experience in embedded systems, he has a wealth of knowledge in the field. In his free time, Olayiwola has written many technical articles.

Embedded C Programming - Why Single Exit Point?

Status: Coming up in April 2023!

This talk is mainly focused on embedded engineers who write embedded codes for devices using C as their main language. There have been code bugs in millions of products around the world due to memory mismanagement and one of the causes of this crash is having multiple returns within a function. So I will be discussing extensively the recommended standards and rules to follow when programming embedded devices and why single exit point matters.

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