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Benix Vincent Theogaraj

Benix is founder and director of Albatross Microsystems Inc. He has 13+ years of work experience in embedded software development and has previously worked for Cisco Systems and Samsung. He has worked on Digital Signal processors & microcontrollers and recently started to work on RISC-V based processors.

Introduction to RISC-V for Embedded Developers

Status: Available Now

The embedded software architecture has changed a lot in recent past.

Most of the embedded software has evolved from monolithic design to well abstracted, modular, scalable, configurable, and extensible in recent past.

However, the embedded processors on which these embedded software run did not undergo much change in this regard.

This talk discusses how RISC-V’s unique characteristics of its free and open ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) brings the modularity, extensibility, scalability, and customizability to embedded processor design.

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