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Geoffrey Le Gourrierec

Geoffrey Le GourriƩrec is an all-around "systems" developer, with experience ranging from microcontrollers to Linux-powered MPUs. These days, Geoffrey works at Kickmaker, a company specialized in converting ideas into industrialized products. Collaborating with people harboring different skillsets is a joy for him.

Geoffrey is also driving the GISTRE embedded systems major at EPITA, a French software engineering school. When he's not busy trying to enhance the GISTRE curriculum, he teaches Linux driver development and technical writing.

Preparing for the Cyber Resilience Act

Status: Available Now

The Cyber Resilience Act is a European effort to raise the cybersecurity level of industrial products. It aims to help European consumers make informed choices when buying a product, and lay down the normative work needed for the industry to make that happen.

The CRA's details were debated by the European Commission last Fall. Circa 2024, when the legislation will start getting transposed into national laws, we should be prepared for guaranteeing that the software running on our connected devices is secure. With fines up to 2.5% of the annual revenue of your company, you might want to look at CRA. Let's decipher the text and get a grasp at what awaits us.

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