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Gokhan Tanyeri

Gokhan has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from ODTU, Ankara. He has extensive experience in radio frequency technologies, embedded systems and debugging. The role as founder and CTO for Clarinox has involved setting the architectural strategy and overseeing the implementation of the Clarinox Intellectual Property. An important element over the 22 years of Clarinox operation has been the establishment of the solid reputation of Clarinox. Gokhan has been instrumental in the development of strong relationships with the key players within the embedded systems industry such as NXP, Intel, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Green Hills Software and IAR. These relationships have been pivotal to the successful positioning of Clarinox as a respected supplier of quality embedded protocol stack software. In addition Gokhan has forged relationships with a number of academic institutions providing guest lectures, supervision of student thesis in the area of wireless technologies and collaboration on published papers and book chapters. Over his 40 years of experience in Embedded Systems Design Gokhan has worked across many industries including telecommunications and defense. A variety of roles were held including senior systems engineer, senior software engineer, and technical team leader.

Considerations for Abstraction Based Connectivity Solutions

Status: Available Now

The purpose of this paper is to delve into the utilization of software abstraction strategies in order to overcome platform-specific limitations and foster the reuse of existing software across various platforms. The implementation of an abstraction-based approach requires careful consideration of several key elements, such as abstracting processor architecture, microcontroller/microprocessor unit (MCU/MPU), operating system/real-time operating system (OS/RTOS), Bluetooth or Wi-Fi chipset, hardware interface, TCP/IP network stack, permanent storage, and debugging software. As a demonstration of how abstraction-based connectivity solutions can be executed, we will showcase the example of ClarinoxSoftFrame, developed by Clarinox.

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