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Hatim Jamali

Hatim Jamali is an Embedded IoT Engineer at 1NCE, a global IoT connectivity and software company that was recently named to Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list. He designs, develops, implements, and tests embedded systems that enable devices to connect to the cloud and transmit data over cellular networks in more than 150 countries. He has 3 years of experience in hardware and software development, wireless communication protocols, and cloud computing platforms. Furthermore, he is the founder of Morocco IoT and AI Challenge and a member of IEEE "The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers"

Adopting an Energy-Saving Mindset for IoT World

Status: Available Now

In the world of IoT, energy efficiency is a critical factor that determines the success of a device. With the increasing number of IoT devices, it is important to choose the right generation of mobile communication technology that can support the device's requirements while maximizing energy efficiency.

In this presentation, we will explore the different generations of mobile communication technology and the protocols that are available for IoT devices. We will examine the pros and cons of each technology and highlight the key features that make them suitable for different types of IoT applications.

We will also discuss the optimal way to send messages in an energy-efficient manner, taking into account factors such as data rate, latency, and power consumption. By choosing the right combination of technology and protocol, IoT devices can achieve optimal energy efficiency and reliable communication.

The goal of this presentation is to educate IoT developers and decision-makers on the best practices for choosing the right generation of mobile communication and sending messages in an energy-efficient manner. By doing so, they can ensure that their IoT devices are reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable.

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