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Jeff Gable

Jeff Gable is the founder and principal at Gable Technology, Inc., where he develops embedded software for the medical device industry. After stints working on control software for unmanned helicopters and hybrid-electric vehicles, he has focused on medical devices since 2013. His mission is to bring medical device software development out of the dark ages. He is also co-host of the Agile Embedded podcast, where he evangelizes "little-a" agile practices for developing embedded systems. Jeff received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

A Medical Device Primer for Embedded Software Engineers

Status: Coming up in April 2023!

The medical device space is rapidly evolving and becoming more open to, and accepting of, technologies and practices from other industries. While the pace is slower and the documentation requirements are more extensive than for consumer electronics, the medical device industry is ripe for disruption and presents a great opportunity for embedded developers to bring skills they’ve honed elsewhere.

This talk is an introduction to what embedded developers should understand if they want to work on medical devices. I’ll introduce relevant safety standards and regulatory pathways, explain Design Controls and risk analysis, bust myths about using open source software, and give an insider view to the industry.

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