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Lance Harvie

Lance Harvie is an Embedded Engineer turned Technical Recruiter having recruited in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, India and Asia. Lance holds a Bsc (Hons) degree in Microelectronics and Information Processing from the University of Brighton, UK. Lance has started and run several technical recruitment firms in the role of CEO, COO, Technical Director and Technical recruiter over the past 23 years. Being an engineer first and foremost, Lance approaches recruitment from an engineering perspective which involves leveraging technology, engineering best practices and an engineer lead team of researchers and subject matter experts. This approach yields a more delightful and frictionless experience for hiring managers and candidate alike.

Mastering Embedded Systems: Essential Skills and Trends for 2023

Status: Available Now

The topics I cover in this talk include passion for one's craft, upskilling to stay relevant and valuable in the market, and new trends such as RISC-V, Embedded Linux Kernel, and Yocto.

Additionally, leveraging ChatGPT can help individuals learn faster and prototype more quickly. Skills in demand include bare metal C, Rust, C++18/19, embedded Linux (kernel and user level), graphic libraries (open and closed source), cloud connectivity for analytics, security (chip and firmware level), open source RTOS's (RT-Thread, FreeRTOS, NuttX), debugging at the chip and firmware level, and expertise in robotics, EVs, medical devices, and IOT for industrial purposes.

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