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Marian Petre

Marian Petre 'picks the brains' of expert software developers to understand what makes them expert. She has spent decades studying how they reason and communicate about design and problem-solving. By observing, talking to, and working with hundreds of professional software developers in organisations ranging from start-ups to the world's major software companies, she exposes actionable insights into the thinking that distinguishes high-performing teams. Petre is an Emeritus Professor at the Open University (UK) and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at University of California, Irvine. Her most recent book is "Software Design Decoded" (MIT Press), and she received a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award in recognition of her work.

Beyond Coding: Toward Software Development Expertise

Available in 16 days, 0 hours and 41 minutes

Based on decades of research with professional software developers, this talk will summarise some of the perspectives, practices, and social conventions that distinguish expert developers and lead to better software.

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