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Mark Hermeling

Mark has over 20 years of experience in software development tooling, operating systems, virtualization and networking technology in safe and secure, embedded and real-time systems. He has worked on projects building automotive, networking, aerospace and defense and industrial devices in North America, Europe and Asia. As VP of Global Solutions Engineering at GrammaTech, Mark manages a team that covers the last mile in assisting GrammaTech customers to improve their safety and security posture using GrammaTech solutions. Prior to joining GrammaTech, Mark worked for Wind River Systems (an Intel Corporation subsidiary), Zeligsoft and IBM Rational. He received a Master of Science degree in Computing Science from Eindhoven University of Technology for research into timing constraints overlaid on object oriented languages.

How to ShiftLeft in Embedded

Status: Available Now

I'll give a lightning introduction on how to make ShiftLeft work in embedded:

  • containerize -everything-
  • automate -everything-
  • provide scalable compute
  • break your software up into components
  • invest in unit test
  • emulate hardware as much as possible
  • Statically analyze everything, constantly
  • Optimize developer workflows

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