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Miguel Angel Castillo Martinez

Miguel is a highly qualified Electronics professional with a Master's degree from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in México. During his studies, he developed a Computer-Aided Diagnosis system for skin cancer, which he presented at innovateFPGA 2019. This experience sparked his interest in conceptual development and experimental implementation of computer applications in various fields, including computer architecture, control, and embedded systems.

Currently, Miguel is involved in digital image processing for agriculture and computer interface development. He also dedicates himself to creating academic content to enhance understanding of low-level topics in system implementation.

Understanding Frequency Response on Mixed-Signal Systems

Status: Available Now

In Mixed signal applications we must consider the operating bandwidth. The most visual representation of this behavior is obtained by a bode diagram, stimulating the system with a known fundamental signal to compare and measure the magnitude and phase in the output. For academic purposes, the most widely used platform is the Arduino, with boards based on the AVR microcontroller.

This talk will investigate the software and hardware tools required to implement a basic mixed-signal system, bringing a better understanding of frequency system response using a microcontroller and Analog filters. You will be able to implement an experiment to facilitate your own learning system.

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