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Mohammed Zubair Shamim

Focus: Edge-AI solutions for healthcare and industry 4.0 (4IR) applications using resource constrained embedded devices

Dr. Mohammed Zubair has successfully completed ML research projects across varying disciplines including healthcare, chemicals industry, energy sector and wireless communications. Currently he is working with the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and the University of St. Andrews (U.K.) on developing intelligent edge vision models for screening Neglected Tropical Diseases. Dr. Mohammed Zubair holds a Master's degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Electronics Engineering, both from the University of Dundee, U.K. He is also a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) USA.

MicroTalks Session #1

Status: Available Now

In this MicroTalks Session:

#1: Edge Computing: The future of embedded systems
Speaker: Himanshu Savargaonkar

#2: Detecting Oral Tongue Lesions using Embedded Machine Learning for Early Diagnosis of Oral Cavity Cancer
speaker: Dr. Mohammed Zubair Shamim

#3: An overview of Bluetooth MESH
Speaker: Clayton Pannell 

#4: Enabling Rapid Prototype for Physical Interaction Design Using A M5Stack Core
speaker: Don Wilcher

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