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Philip Salmony

Hardware and PCB design consultant based in Heidelberg, Germany, focusing predominantly on embedded systems. Owner of the "Phil's Lab" YouTube channel, where I create educational engineering videos on a broad range of topics (PCB design, mixed-signal hardware design, embedded firmware, and digital signal processing).

Getting Started with FPGA-based Hardware Design

Status: Available Now

Delving into the world of FPGA-based hardware and PCB design can be daunting. In comparison to 'simple' microcontroller-based embedded system design, and when incorporating FPGAs and SoCs, the complexity of system, schematic, and PCB design is driven up substantially.

For instance, we need to worry about the finesses of controlled impedance traces, delay tuning, stack-up choice, DDR memory layout, power distribution and decoupling network design, power delivery for multiple voltage rails with high currents - and that's just naming a few examples!

This talk will show you - in a very condensed form - the basics and what you need to pay attention to when attempting your first FPGA-based hardware and PCB design, including real-world, practical examples.

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