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Salvador Almanza

Salvador Almanza has spent most of his career in the embedded software area, mainly in the Automotive industry. His passion is software design for constrained devices; his primary interest is E/E systems architecture, AUTOSAR, and the application of the methodology for effective and optimized ECU software development, reuse, process improvement, etc. He has provided consulting and training mainly in embedded software, E/E systems architecture, and AUTOSAR. He is currently with Cummins Inc. as Senior Technical Advisor and AUTOSAR system architect. Salvador holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Instituto Tecnologico de Chihuahua in Mexico and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

AUTOSAR Methodology applied to ECU Diagnostics Architecture and Workflow

Status: Coming up in April 2023!

The system complexity of automotive E/E systems keeps growing, reaching an impressive number of 100+ million lines of code in recent years. Most of this complexity is due to the algorithm implementation in each Electronic System Unit (ECU) in the vehicle architecture. Additionally, automobiles must meet multiple standards and government regulations (e.g., Diagnostics and OBD), adding contributing factors not just to complexity but also to the development effort, making it very difficult to meet deadlines, milestones, and time to market. This presentation focuses on the AUTOSAR methodology and the architecture solution to diagnostics modeling and workflow using a top-down approach that helps reduce time and effort during ECU development by abstracting the complexity of the implementation and relieving the ECU integrators of exhausting and complex manual work.

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