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Sree Harsha Angara

Sree Harsha Angara has worked in the field of embedded systems for over a decade, in varying capacities of engineering, product marketing and product management. He has worked on and led several key initiatives in this space, from IoT and device security to EdgeAI. In his spare time, he blogs and writes about embedded systems applications and miscellaneous doodads.

ChatGPT for Embedded Systems - A game changer or Pure hype?

Status: Coming up in April 2023!

ChatGPT is all the buzz these days with a stream of articles, and worst of all, unending streams of LinkedIn posts. This talk covers my explorations using ChatGPT for embedded systems use-cases, from simple snippets and questions, to a reasonably complex design on a MCU. This talk will uncover the nature of ChatGPT as we put it through its paces to try and answer the question “Are embedded engineers replaceable with AI?”.

The answer(spoiler: No), while unsurprising, leads to some very interesting thought experiments on what the future of this field looks like as we head into a new world of AI-assisted design and learning.

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