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Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises.

How to Run Object Detection on Constraint Devices

FOMO (Faster Objects, More Objects) is a novel machine-learning algorithm that brings object detection to highly constrained devices.

FOMO counts objects, finds the location of objects in an image, and tracks multiple objects in real-time using up to 30x less processing power and memory than MobileNet SSD or YOLOv5. In this session, we'll walk through how to use FOMO and where it can be applied.

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Live Q&A - How to Run Object Detection on Constraint Devices

Live Q&A with Louis Moreau for the talk titled How to Run Object Detection on Constraint Devices

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Learning how to Deliver AI Solutions In Days, Not Months

Please visit the following URL and read about a few things you should consider doing to prepare and take full advantage of the workshop:


Visual AI solutions combined with powerful sound diagnostics for real-time decision-making are some of the hallmarks of the Sony Spresense with Edge Impulse’s embedded ML technology. Together, Edge Impulse and Sony bring a unique combination of solid computing performance as well as serious power efficiency that is ideal for edge computing applications. 

Join our hands-on workshop to learn how to build future-proof solutions with smart sensor analysis, image processing, data filtering, collecting raw data, getting insight into that data using signal processing and machine learning, and deploying your ML models, ready for scale and industrial production.

  • Learn how embedded ML gives real-time insights into complex sensor streams
  • Build your first embedded ML model in real-time
  • Gain insight into the types of problems ML solves, then build better products
  • Learn how to take your ideas to production and scale through complete MLOps

Workshop details:

  • A 90-minute workshop
  • Beginner/Intermediate skill level
  • Hands-On, Instructor-Led, Live
  • A recording will be shared post-event
  • A personalized Certificate of Accomplishment from Edge Impulse
  • Purchase your Sony's Spresense kit from Adafruit today or check here for more buying options.

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Creating Enterprise Grade Audio Models

Join TI and Edge Impulse for a hands-on enterprise webinar and learn how to use embedded machine learning to detect and respond to audio events in an emergency. Whether designing a smart baby monitor, breaking glass, or detecting a call for help, Edge Impulse and Texas Instruments enable you with the right tools for rapid prototyping of new applications - going from raw data to deployment in minutes.


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