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Zephyr RTOS Programming with the BBC Microbit v2

Andrew Eliasz - Watch Now - EOC 2024 - Duration: 01:53:02

Zephyr RTOS Programming with the BBC Microbit v2
Andrew Eliasz

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Introducing Zephyr RTOS IoT programming and embedded C Programming using the BBC Microbit. A practical workshop suitable for makers, artists, and inventors.

Requirements to “follow along” and try out the examples.

1. Have nRF Connect SDK installed and also the required toolchains, Python and python packages required by West and Zephyr, and CMake, and, also Cmake.


2. Download the BBC Microbit examples from Frank Duigan’s github site


3. Setup a CLI (Command Line Interface) Zephyr development (build) environment using Chocolatey on Windows.

Useful guide : https://zafersn.medium.com/quick-zephyr-os-setup-guide-for-stm32-mcus-on-windows-4f11a8074632

[ The Zephyr BBC Microbit examples do not (currently) play nicely with the nRF Connect SDK plugin for VSCode ]

4. Get hold of a BBC Microbit v2 (v2.2) board and a USB cable e.g. from adafruit


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Score: 0 | 2 months ago | no reply

Great job, very informative and an excellent introduction to getting started with Zephyr!

11:24:55 From BobF to Everyone:
	Admittedly, far less got mankind to the moon !!
11:36:54 From BobF to Everyone:
	and even considerably less functionality, cracked cyptographic codes !!
11:39:40 From Robert Hancock to Everyone:
	Never seen a Zephyr build take that long - I suspect it's a lot slower on Windows than Linux..
11:45:03 From BobF to Everyone:
	.... and a Raspberry build in comparison?
11:52:47 From BobF to Everyone:
	I wonder if one could emulate qubit processing on these ... it is afterall utilising quantum physical devices on board!
12:54:51 From Lyden Smith to Everyone:
	Thank you Andrew!
12:54:57 From BobF to Everyone:
	Comment: Certainly, several lessons in resource optimisation to think about, thank you.
12:55:05 From Andrew MacIsaac to Everyone:
	Thank you!
12:55:14 From KK to Everyone:
	Thank you.
12:55:21 From René Andrés Ayoroa to Everyone:
	Thank you Andrew