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Live Q&A - Compact Heterogenous Computing Platforms

Alexopoulos Ilias - Watch Now - Duration: 20:57

Live Q&A - Compact Heterogenous Computing Platforms
Alexopoulos Ilias
Live Q&A with Alexopoulos Ilias for the theatre talk titled Compact Heterogenous Computing Platforms
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12:38:43	 From Rod Ramsay (US) : Are  you able to predict peripheral performance of you system - considering OS performance and bus competition? IE - do you simulate to estimate performance. Thanks!!
12:42:01	 From tcmichals : One of the biggest issue is convincing management to move to soft core processor on FPGA instead of using hard core processor.  Using soft core processor allows better to integrate HW/SW peripherals, thoughts?
12:44:03	 From Cole Wyant : With respect to timing closure on the FPGA side, what are some possible pitfalls with designing with an external MCU? What parameters in an MCU data sheet would be important? I assume it would depend on the type of interface between the FPGA and MCU.