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Live Q&A - Electromagnetic Fault Injection Made Easy with PicoEMP

Colin O'Flynn - Watch Now - Duration: 21:21

Live Q&A - Electromagnetic Fault Injection Made Easy with PicoEMP
Colin O'Flynn
Live Q&A with Colin O'Flynn for the theatre talk titled Electromagnetic Fault Injection Made Easy with PicoEMP
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

14:38:35	 From  captain : Any plans to run in-person (or virtual) ChipWhisperer and/or PicoEMP training/workshops this year?
14:38:56	 From  captain : P.S. thanks for the great presentation (as usual)!
14:40:40	 From  Jay Cosper : As everyday, working FW developers, what are we able to do with this information about attacks? Avoid using certain devices?
14:43:49	 From  Enrico : couldn't a compiler optimize out redundant checks ?
14:45:12	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Yes, it can.  There are ways of telling the compiler to NOT to optimize these checks (e.g., the C volatile keyword).
14:48:10	 From  ken H : how do I know if there are known security faults? Where do I look for that (without the FBI knocking at my door)
14:49:17	 From  Michael Kirkhart : You can also compile to assembly to see what the compiler is doing.
14:51:46	 From  Keith J : liability
14:51:59	 From  Keith J : They do it under NDA because of liability exposure to lawsuits
14:52:24	 From  Keith J : thank you colin!
14:52:25	 From  Jay Cosper : great talk. thanks
14:52:30	 From  ken H : thanks Colin
14:52:35	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Thank you!
14:52:42	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Awesome talk, awesome book!
14:52:53	 From  bgroves : Thanks all (in for 1 book ;)