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Live Q&A - Express Your Software Ideas Graphically

Jean Labrosse - Watch Now - Duration: 18:52

Live Q&A - Express Your Software Ideas Graphically
Jean Labrosse
Live Q&A with Jean Labrosse for the theatre talk titled Express Your Software Ideas Graphically
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

16:05:42	 From  Keith J : Jean - No question but thank you.  Very real and relatable. Another great presentation as usual although very different than your typical subject.
16:07:28	 From  Peter Schulz : I'm always disappointed by students not able to provide an introductionary block diagram in their theses. You read 10 pages of text without any picture. Hard to get into their solutions.
16:10:37	 From  CPannell : For UML-ish illustrations I vastly prefer using PlantUML to programmatically write the diagrams
16:10:55	 From  ofheybeli : would you recommend designing API with UML for a graphical diagram, sequence diagram, etc.?
16:10:56	 From  CPannell : just check it into your version control and modify as needed
16:11:49	 From  Gary Sutcliffe : I like yEd Graph Editor for flow charts and state machines. There are lots of alternatives as you pointed out.
16:13:52	 From  Jay Cosper : +1 for plantuml
16:16:33	 From  CPannell : iirc Doxygen or sphinx, I forget which can be configured to generate callgraphs, but not much better. You CAN link your diagrams into your doxygen docs so they will show up together
16:17:01	 From  Jay Cosper : Correct. We used Doxygen this way
16:18:03	 From  Andreas J. : draw.io would be another good one …
16:19:39	 From  ofheybeli : Would you suggest giving a version to the source code file? How do you think it would be to increase the version with each change?
16:19:59	 From  Andreas J. : thx for the tipps linking inside doxygen - Is doxygen flexible/easy to handle  enough to create a whole „master" document?
16:20:22	 From  CPannell : hooking sphinx into doxygen is nice enough for that
16:20:25	 From  Jay Cosper : thanks for the talk!
16:20:29	 From  CPannell : doxygen is a bit ugly and clunky on its own
16:20:33	 From  ofheybeli : tnaks
16:20:34	 From  Andreas J. : thx!
16:20:34	 From  CPannell : check Microsoft dev blog on it