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Live Q&A - Soft Electronics

Helen Leigh - Watch Now - Duration: 22:22

Live Q&A - Soft Electronics
Helen Leigh
Live Q&A with Helen Leigh for the talk titled Soft Electronics
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

18:14:04	 From  Robert Hancock : Do you know of/what are some of the commercial products with electronics actually embedded in clothing? Maybe someday the self-adjusting clothes from Back To The Future will come to pass, heheh.
18:18:11	 From  Stephane : https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/
18:30:21	 From  Al Anway : In terms of phenomena that would make sense to exploit, I  can think of light, obviously, and sound (perhaps things like  theremin-style body-sensing instruments).  Are there other avenues you'd like to pursue?
18:32:15	 From  Al Anway : great talk, thanks!
18:32:26	 From  Mollie : Agreed, thank you!
18:32:42	 From  Craig Ogawa : Thank you! Excellent talk.
18:33:29	 From  Leandro Pérez : Thanks Helen ???? Continue working
18:33:50	 From  Leandro Pérez : Thanks Jacob