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Live Q&A with MicroTalks Speakers

- Watch Now - EOC 2023 - Duration: 49:45

Fun get-together with MicroTalks Speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers in a LIVE Zoom session.
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

13:34:51	 From  Max Maxfield : Hello Everyone
13:34:57	 From  Geoffrey : Hi folks
13:41:39	 From  BobF : Just like Jack’s keynote on Wednesday and Max’s micro talk today, the industry seems to be moving so fast we are skipping over the fundamental aspects we just take for granted. This is dangerous territory, what can be done?


Tim, a really impressive set of slides re: What’s going on?
13:41:57	 From  Tim Guite : Thanks Bob!
13:42:08	 From  Nathan O. : Just like you'd guess by 2023 all manufacturers would take security into account when building stuff...
13:43:39	 From  Tim Guite : Reacted to "Just like you'd gues..." with πŸ‘
13:44:47	 From  Nathan O. : To merge Tim's and Geoffrey's topics : what trends do you see in terms of technology around security in embedded systems these last few years ?
13:44:54	 From  Jim Norton : I once read some tutorial on decoding rotary encoders and NOT ONCE was bounce brought up.
13:45:04	 From  Tim Guite : Reacted to "I once read some tut..." with πŸ˜‚
13:46:42	 From  Jim Norton : Isn't 10ms for software debounce the standard?
13:46:52	 From  kuku : Reacted to "Isn't 10ms for softw..." with πŸ˜‚
13:47:21	 From  Nathan O. : Max : for anyone who watched Jack's talk : I guess the 1ms is a typical duration for bounce (not a max)
13:49:53	 From  BobF : Reacted to "Max : for anyone w..." with πŸ™ƒ
13:50:01	 From  Max Maxfield : Replying to "Max : for anyone who..."

Based on the article on Jack's website -- his switches had a 2.4ms average and 6.2ms worst case -- but I guess 1ms might be a good average
13:51:28	 From  Nathan O. : Maybe at some point like GDPR if it works, other countries like the US will follow along the lines of the CRA
13:53:15	 From  Geoffrey : Linari, here's the part of the Cyber Resilience Act you wanted: https://www.european-cyber-resilience-act.com/Cyber_Resilience_Act_Annex_3.html
13:53:27	 From  Max Maxfield : https://www.eejournal.com/article/yes-on-chip-fpga-mcu-soc-generation-of-post-quantum-secure-ids-and-keys/
13:53:54	 From  sriramthotakura : Thank you for the link, Max!
13:55:24	 From  Jim Norton : Jack Ganssle on debouncing in hardware and software.

13:55:50	 From  Charles Miller : Reacted to "Jack Ganssle on debo..." with πŸ‘
13:57:42	 From  Max Maxfield : Replying to "Jack Ganssle on debo..."

Clive Maxfield on debouncing in hardware and software LOL https://www.eejournal.com/article/ultimate-guide-to-switch-debounce-part-9/
13:57:55	 From  Jim Norton : We schedules are tight and resources limited, it's easy to NOT deal with something like Secure Boot.
13:58:17	 From  Jim Norton : Reacted to "Clive Maxfield on de..." with πŸ‘
13:59:44	 From  Tim Guite : Replying to "We schedules are tig..."

Yep, it also gets more difficult to add security in the further on the project progresses
14:00:07	 From  Jim Norton : Replying to "Jack Ganssle on debo..."

Thanks for the link. I've always just done very simple software debouncing. But I'd be happier if more EE's created boards that did debounce in hardware.
14:01:15	 From  Linari : I just wanted to say that was nice idea to see about putting energy harvesting on embedded devices.
14:01:29	 From  Jim Norton : Reacted to "Yep, it also gets mo..." with πŸ‘
14:02:17	 From  Max Maxfield : An article on securing the supply chain: https://www.eejournal.com/article/yay-finally-a-way-to-secure-the-supply-chain/
14:03:21	 From  Geoffrey : Thanks for the link Max.
14:03:32	 From  Mustafa Shamsi : Reacted to "An article on securi..." with πŸ‘
14:05:01	 From  Mustafa Shamsi : Reacted to "I just wanted to say..." with πŸ‘
14:14:32	 From  Geoffrey : That's a good question. Has anyone tried out GitHub Copilot for some reasonable project size ?
14:14:40	 From  Jim Norton : Will co-pilot write your debounce algorithm? :-)
14:15:42	 From  Nathan O. : You can also use AI to generate code documentation and tests !
14:17:47	 From  Max Maxfield : Here's a column on analog AI that can be always om at 25uA and detect if a human is speaking https://www.eejournal.com/article/shhh-aspinitys-analog-ai-voice-vibration-ic-is-listening/
14:18:03	 From  Mustafa Shamsi : Reacted to "Here's a column on a..." with πŸ‘
14:18:21	 From  Mustafa Shamsi : Thanks for sharing this link, Max
14:18:48	 From  BobF : Reacted to "Here's a column on..." with πŸ‘
14:20:47	 From  BobF : Only if adequate commitment is given to after sales i.e. firmware updates!
14:20:57	 From  Jim Norton : MCU Boot handles that type of security pretty well.
14:21:01	 From  stefano.fiorentino : Reacted to "Only if adequate com..." with πŸ‘
14:22:48	 From  Geoffrey : Had a good time !
14:23:05	 From  Mustafa Shamsi : Thanks for this session !
14:23:15	 From  BobF : Cheers to all !