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PE Micro

Incorporated in 1982, PEmicro was founded by a single question - with so many configurations of programmable memory being made by so many different manufacturers, was there a way to build a single general purpose tool to both erase and program all of these EPROM devices?

As a Boston University professor, Dr. David A. Perreault addressed this question by designing and building the world's first general purpose programmer. It was based on the Z80 microprocessor and provided the ability to reconfigure pinouts.

Using software control it was able to turn outputs on/off and featured a configurable patch panel for setting up the proper pins to be programmed on each device. The configurable design allowed engineers the flexibility to design their products for a variety of manufacturers and use this one tool to program it.

From these humble beginnings PEmicro has grown to become an award-winning international business expert in Embedded Systems tools. Our Cyclone programmers and Multilink debug probes are some of the fastest and most sophisticated production tools on the market which are seamlessly integrated into a variety of popular 3rd party IDEs.

We are committed to providing unrivaled features and performance at great value, so that our customers can enjoy speedy development and high quality production programming at a price that doesn't break budgets. And we still incorporate the universal philosophy of that first general purpose programmer into our tools today, so that engineers can take advantage of that same degree of flexibility, albeit with a much more advanced tool set.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to build many great relationships that have contributed to our success, and our partners' success. Although much has changed over the years, we have always practiced the same philosophy: a dedication to excellence designing products that are both sophisticated and reliable to help make the complete development cycle faster and easier.

Solving Remote Manufacturing Challenges using the Cloud

Remote manufacturing of products is challenging to manage and control. How do we keep secure control of the firmware IP used to program a product? How can we authorize legitimate builds of our product while preventing over-production and counterfeiting? How do we update the firmware IP being used during manufacturing? How do we keep a detailed accounting of every device programmed, including recorded unique device identifiers?

In an ideal production flow, we should be able to answer these questions regardless of where a product is produced. This talk is a discussion of how cloud technologies can be leveraged to provide the necessary control and visibility over our programming IP to achieve this in remote manufacturing facilities. A demonstration of such a novel system is shown.

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Live Q&A - Solving Remote Manufacturing Challenges using the Cloud

Live Q&A with Kevin Perreault for the theatre talk titled Solving Remote Manufacturing Challenges using the Cloud

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Leveraging Cryptography in Cyclone Programmer

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