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Live Q&A with Theatre Talks Speakers

- Watch Now - EOC 2023 - Duration: 50:47

Fun get-together with most Theatre Talks Speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers in a LIVE Zoom session.
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

13:00:26	 From  Colin Walls   to   Stephane(Direct Message) : One of the talks had no speaker shown - PX5. Do you know who might answer a question on that?
13:15:12	 From  Nathan Jones : If I really love the EOC, what other conferences should I know about? What are your favorite embedded resources, publications, blogs, etc?
13:15:39	 From  Nathan Jones : How did you develop your expertise?
13:17:57	 From  Gonzalo : For Duane: which method of project management do you think is appropiate for development of embedded projects? i.e. for software Agile methods is well known but it does not apply well to hardware
13:17:59	 From  Vishwa Perera : Hi all, I am new to embedded systems world. I started to self learn through an online course on Udemy with a STM32F4 development board. I know embedded systems area has a huge scope and so much to learn. Sometimes I feel intimidated by the vast content of the embedded world. Could you please give me general directions about what are the essential skills required in the embedded world including the programming languages and microcontroller types? Thanks you so much.
13:18:47	 From  Antonio : As experienced developers, how do you cope with the fear of missing the extremely fast development of new methods and technologies? How do you keep your knowledge "up to date"?
13:19:34	 From  Quantum Leaps : In shameless self promotion, I'd like to recommend my free YouTube video course "Modern Embedded Systems Programming". Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/@StateMachineCOM
13:19:45	 From  Sree Harsha Angara : Reacted to "In shameless self pr..." with 🙌
13:20:02	 From  Aminul Haq : Reacted to "In shameless self pr..." with 👍
13:21:02	 From  Nathan Jones : I had a really fun time at the Hackaday Superconference last November, also.
13:21:02	 From  Rob Johnson : Reacted to "In shameless self pr..." with 👍
13:21:05	 From  Luca Ingianni : since we're doing shameless promotions, might I plug my podcast, the Agile Embedded podcast https://www.agileembeddedpodcast.com
13:22:16	 From  René Andrés Ayoroa : I always learn a lot during this conference. Embedded is very new in my country. I am from Latinamerica. where can I find any job postings for remote? or maybe with opportunity to relocate?
13:22:30	 From  Simon Smith (moredatalesscenter) : The Hitex ARM conference here in the UK was good too.  But this is always my favourite!
13:24:33	 From  Gonzalo : Thank you Duane
13:26:36	 From  duane : Great comments on risk and mindset, Luca
13:28:01	 From  Nathan Jones : My favorite debugging question isn't "Why isn't this working?" but "Wait, why IS this working?"
13:28:44	 From  Colin Walls : Reacted to "My favorite debuggin..." with 👍
13:28:50	 From  Dan Boschen : Reacted to "My favorite debuggin..." with 👍
13:31:11	 From  Quantum Leaps : The best way to understand something is to see how it works at a *low-level*. For example, you understand Object-Oriented Programming better if you see the virtual pointer, virtual-table, and the code for virtual-call...
13:31:49	 From  Nathan Jones : Love that, Luca. I (and I would imagine many of us) struggle with unrealistic expectations of what I "should" know and it's helpful to remember exactly what you said.
13:32:36	 From  Jacob Beningo : Reacted to "since we're doing sh..." with 👍
13:33:24	 From  Hatim Jamali : Reacted to "since we're doing ..." with 👍
13:34:06	 From  Luca Ingianni : Completely agreed, Colin
13:34:12	 From  Nathan Jones : Thanks for the plug, Colin!!
13:34:36	 From  Vishwa Perera : Thanks all. Loved your answers.
13:35:02	 From  Colin Walls : Replying to "Thanks for the plug,..."
You’re welcome. Very nice talk.
13:36:36	 From  Luca Ingianni : Well said Duane. Breaking stuff is usually the most instructive thing you can do :-D
13:40:35	 From  Simon Smith (moredatalesscenter) : Pair programming / pair debugging is also a good way to learn
13:41:16	 From  Nathan Jones : My personal favorite book about navigating interpersonal relationships is "Crucial Accountability".
13:44:01	 From  RF : Did a great deal of analogue years back ... that continues to dominate hardware elements more and more e.g. high speed interfaces, sensor technologies etc etc. Similar can be said about software elements e.g. foundations/fundamentals
13:44:28	 From  Nathan Jones : Can't find it rn, but I saw an article a few months about someone who ported Linux to the Arduino Uno. It took something like 4 hours to get to a login prompt. XD
13:47:19	 From  Luca Ingianni : James Grenning: Test-driven development for embedded C
13:47:50	 From  René Andrés Ayoroa : making embedded systems, Elecia White
13:48:39	 From  Quantum Leaps : Question for Axel: SEGGER utilities seem fast and stable. What technologies do you guys use: Qt? Windows C#?
13:49:02	 From  Benjamin Cabé : TinyML: Machine Learning With Tensorflow Lite on Arduino and Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers // ISBN-13: 978-1492052043
AI at the Edge // ISBN-13 978-1098120207
13:49:14	 From  Vishwa Perera : @Nathan, Could you post the titles of the books you mentioned in the chat?
13:49:55	 From  Nathan Jones : Rene posted the first one, "Making Embedded Systems" by Elecia White. The other is "Better Embedded Systems Software" by Phillip Koopman.
13:50:23	 From  Vishwa Perera : Reacted to "Rene posted the firs..." with 👍
13:51:00	 From  René Andrés Ayoroa : I also enjoyed Jacob Beningo's new book, Embedded Software Design
13:51:08	 From  Benjamin Cabé : Reacted to "I also enjoyed Jacob..." with 👏
13:51:27	 From  Leroy : Thanks to all the speakers
13:51:34	 From  Nathan Jones : This was wonderful! I can't wait to learn from you all for the rest of this week!!
13:52:09	 From  Sree Harsha Angara : Reacted to "TinyML: Machine Lear..." with 👍
13:52:26	 From  Vishwa Perera : Thanks for all the speakers!
13:52:29	 From  Jay : Thanks!
13:52:31	 From  René Andrés Ayoroa : Thank you everyone
13:52:33	 From  George : Thanks