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An Introduction to The Zephyr Project RTOS

Mohammed Billoo

An Introduction to The Zephyr Project RTOS
Mohammed Billoo

A Realtime Operating System (RTOS) is a staple of most embedded systems. The Zephyr Project RTOS is relatively young and borrows certain elements and paradigms from Linux that may stump experienced embedded software developers, who are accustomed to a more "traditional" RTOS.

This talk will introduce The Zephyr Project RTOS, demonstrating the similarities and differences between Zephyr and a traditional RTOS. The focus will be on how to use the data structures and paradigms offered by Zephyr to accomplish tasks common to most embedded systems. This talk will also highlight key differences that seasoned embedded software developers will need to keep in mind when incorporating Zephyr into their projects.

Topics Covered:

  • Navigating The Zephyr Project RTOS code base
  • Creating tasks 
  • Synchronizing data across tasks
  • Creating interrupt handlers
  • Incorporating peripherals
  • User space vs kernel space
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