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Debugging IoT Connectivity from Arm Virtual Hardware

Alina Dima - Amazon AWS - Watch Now - EOC 2023 - Duration: 01:00:14

Debugging IoT Connectivity from Arm Virtual Hardware
Alina Dima

Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH)—a family of functionally accurate representations of Arm-based processors, systems, and hardware—accelerates embedded developer experience when building and testing IoT applications. AVH helps engineers quickly resolve issues related to cloud connectivity, security, OTA updates, and more. In this session, discover how AVH and AWS IoT can be used to quickly debug connectivity issues commonly seen in IoT applications. Also, explore tips to validate your IoT devices for reliable and secure connectivity using AWS IoT Core Device Advisor test suites and AWS IoT logging features.

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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Hi Alina, great talk! Thanks for sharing your vast experience on developing and debugging IOT applications and the great demo!

As well as the security certificates outlined are there additional security measures that can applied to secure IOT applications either onchip/onboard or on the AWS platform?

00:27:59	Alina Dima (AWS):	The details about building the Yocto image that works on AVH are here: https://github.com/aws-iot-builder-tools/iot-avh-demos/tree/main/AVH/iMX8m
00:42:09	Charles Miller:	Will these references be available as links, or should we be grabbing screen shots?
00:43:07	Jacob Beningo:	The QA session will be starting in just a moment, so make sure you stick around to ask your questions!
00:43:51	Charles Miller:	Reacted to "The QA session will ..." with 👍
00:44:41	Nathan O.:	Is Arm Virtual Hardware an AWS-only functionality or does ARM provide possibilities to use it as selfhosted or on another cloud provider ?
00:44:43	bhaskar:	like to know, what kind of support do we get from AWS for device developers interms of tools ?
00:44:45	Gonzalo:	Which other protocols are supported by AVH besides MQTT?
00:45:32	Charles Miller:	Thank you, Alina!
00:46:25	Michael Kirkhart:	No slides have been posted to the talk page as of yet.
00:47:59	Jacob Beningo:	Reacted to "No slides have been ..." with 👍
00:48:07	bhaskar:	thank you.
00:52:41	Vishwa Perera:	Does AVH hardware have complete functionally like a physical hardware development board or is it somehow limited in functionality?
00:54:48	Michael Kirkhart:	When you mentioned that AVH supports the STM32U5 IoT Discovery kit, are you referring to this part: B-U585I-IOT02A ($65.00 from Mouser)?
00:56:00	Michael Kirkhart:	https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/B-U585I-IOT02A?qs=Jslch3jnSjk0oS%252BiVUwGOA%3D%3D
00:56:15	Paul Vittorino:	Is there a date for the public beta?
00:57:05	Vishwa Perera:	Can AWS IoT Core Advisor be compared to GitHub Actions in terms of automated testing? My apologies I have limited knowledge on CI/CD.
00:59:49	Vishwa Perera:	Thanks Alina
01:03:08	Andrey Vlasov:	Thank you!
01:03:10	hengkk:	Thank you, Alina.
01:03:18	Alice:	Thank you!
01:03:22	qzhang:	Tahnk you!
01:04:13	prasanna:	Thank you!!
01:04:49	Charalampos Sarantoglou:	Thank you!
01:05:10	Satish:	Thank you!