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Introducing Modern Embedded Development Flows

Christopher Seidl - Watch Now - Duration: 10:47

Introducing Modern Embedded Development Flows
Christopher Seidl
This quick demo shows how to use modern CLI-based tools for embedded development. It introduces Keil Studio, a set of VS Code extensions that are relying on the CMSIS-Toolbox for managing and building projects. We will also show how to use Arm Virtual Hardware with GitHub Actions to enable DevOps in the cloud.
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Score: 0 | 10 months ago | no reply

Hello Victor,
thanks for the questions!

  1. Currently, you need to create the YML input files by hand, but we're working on an interactive development of these as well. Will be ready once we go live towards the end of the year.
  2. The project is here: https://github.com/Arm-Examples/RTX_Blinky
  3. This workflow works for Arm-based MCUs only at the moment.

Hope this helps,

Score: 0 | 10 months ago | no reply

HI, Christopher,
Thanks for your great video. my question for this video is at 2:00,

  1. how to create the workflow file? ( using the text editor to create it or there are some tools software for it?
  2. can you share the link for the project for us?
  3. Is this workflow file works just for ARM family of MCUs or it works for any MCUs?
    Thanks a lot.