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Live Q&A - Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System

Sergio Prado - Watch Now - Duration: 20:54

Live Q&A - Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System
Sergio Prado
Live Q&A with Sergio Prado for the talk titled Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

10:44:54	 From  Raul Pando : Hi Sergio, great presentation. Most of the techniques you presented seem to require to a binary compiled with debug symbols enabled.
I was wondering if any of them can still be used with a release binary that doesn't have those symbols
10:47:04	 From  Raul Pando : Thanks!
10:48:37	 From  Paul Vittorino : What about embedded environments without Ethernet? What are the options for GDB remote?
10:51:02	 From  Tim Michals : Have you used jtag via openocd to debug the Linux kernel?
10:57:01	 From  Tobi : Thanks for the talk Sergio! Can you comment about log storing and reporting for post moretm analysis? In an application with limited flash storage, and considering flash wear and also cellular data usage, sometimes it is difficult to find the relevant lines of logs on a deployed device.
10:57:38	 From  Tobi : Specially when there are many units running, and logging to journalctl
11:00:32	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Yes, I seem to remember this was the cause of problems with earlier Tesla vehicles - the FLASH would wear out because of the volume of logging, and this essentially disabled the vehicle.
11:00:40	 From  Tobi : That really makes sense
11:00:44	 From  Tobi : Thanks Sergio
11:00:54	 From  Stephane : Thank you Sergio!
11:00:56	 From  Tim Michals : thank you..
11:00:57	 From  Maxime L. : Thank you!
11:01:49	 From  Mathieu. P : Thx, very interesting presentation