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Live Hack: Demonstrating Common IoT Security Weaknesses

Joe Hopper - Watch Now - EOC 2022 - Duration: 31:21

Live Hack: Demonstrating Common IoT Security Weaknesses
Joe Hopper

How would hackers attack your IoT device? Joe Hopper, Principal Security Consultant at Fracture Labs, will demonstrate several complex hacks against off-the-shelf IoT devices to shed light on the design and implementation weaknesses seen across the industry. He will walk through common attacks such as: finding and connecting to hidden serial consoles, boot process hijacking, memory analysis, firmware extraction, password cracking, and more to gain unauthorized access to IoT devices and customer information.

By using the same approach hackers use against your devices, you will walk away with a better understanding of where and how you need to tighten security controls.

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Score: 1 | 2 years ago | no reply

Thanks for the awesome talk Joe, I learned so much that I'm now afraid to connect any wireless device in my house ha. But seriously there are some great examples in this talk about how devices can be exploited, and how easily it can happen. It has really openned my eyes a lot more to IoT security.