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Making robust FUOTA in ESP32 using Rollback

Pedro Bertoleti

Making robust FUOTA in ESP32 using Rollback
Pedro Bertoleti

Firmware Update Over-The-Air (FUOTA) is a must-have feature in all IoT-like embedded solutions in operation today, once FUOTA can be the only possible and affordable solution for fixing some bugs, security flaws and other software malfunctions in devices in the field, using internet to provide new firmware devices located anywhere in the world. But, how do we ensure robustness to FUOTA process?

One big ally to add robustness to FUOTA process is the rollback resource. Using rollback, in case of bad firmware update (caused by some predictable or unpredictable reason), the embedded device can automatically get back to the last firmware version. It means, in case of bad firmware update, they can automatically recover themselves, without having any bricked device in the field, and requiring zero human intervention.

This presentation will show how to use rollback in FUOTA for ESP32 microcontroller, including a full demo of this process.

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