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NXP Enabling Industrial Automation

Mubeen Abbas - NXP - Watch Now - Duration: 35:04

NXP Enabling Industrial Automation
Mubeen Abbas

This session will be about how NXP technologies enable Industrial automation in smart factories with our latest and greatest innovative products. From I/O modules and PLCs, to Motor Control and Industrial Networking - this session will give you an overview of what are the latest Industrial trends and customer requirements and how NXP portfolio makes this happen. We will also have a look at how NXP's enablement and support for these products helps customers to shorten their design in time. Lastly, we will also be giving you a feel of the future with our progressive roadmap of Industrial products.

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Score: 0 | 5 months ago | 1 reply

Is there one particular security standard which should be aimed for and is there any sign of consolidation of the industrial Ethernet protocol space?

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Hi Hammarbytp,

For security the key standard that you can refer to is IEC62443.

Regarding Industrial ethernet protocol there cannot be consolidation as you know there are key players behind each protocol. It will always be a choice that our customers will have to make.

Hope this helps.

THanks a lot