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Outsmarting IoT Defense: The Hacker's Perspective

Natali Tshuva - Watch Now - EOC 2023 - Duration: 37:18

Outsmarting IoT Defense: The Hacker's Perspective
Natali Tshuva

Endless patching is a race that cannot be won. To build sustainable, secure IoT solutions we must change that ineffective paradigm.

To appreciate what we can do differently, we should start by considering both the defender's and attacker's perspectives. This session will provide a unique view of that attacker's perspective, from former exploit/attack experts within the IDF Unit 8200. We will review the impossible task of identifying and mitigating all vulnerabilities - and will demonstrate the inadequacies of current IoT security practices focused on continuous patching, static analysis, encryption and risk controls. We will also explain how attackers can easily evade such barriers.

By contrast, the session will explore methods for achieving embedded, on-device runtime exploits protection to immunize devices from all underlying vulnerabilities, and provide zero-day protection as well. These methods, commonplace in IT endpoint detection and response, are just now finding their way into heretofore unprotected and unmanaged IoT edge devices.

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Thank you for this very interesting talk. I think the approach presented is actually a turning point in making IoT more secure. Could you shed some light on how fingerprinting is technically achieved? Thank you