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Successful Embedded Software Design

Jacob Beningo

Successful Embedded Software Design
Jacob Beningo

The modern embedded software team has a lot of challenges to overcome to successfully deliver software. Today’s systems are complex and require a careful balance between the software architecture design, development processes, and implementation. Failure to do so results in embedded software projects that are delivered late, over budget, and buggy.

In this session, we will explore modern firmware development techniques and processes that will help you improve how you design, build, and deploy your embedded software.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • How to define your embedded software design philosophy
  • The software architecture design process
    • Software domains
    • Application Modeling
  • Introduction to the modern embedded software build processes
    • The build process
    • CI/CD for Embedded Engineers
  • Tips and tricks for successful implementation
  • Getting process buy-in at all business levels

Attendees will learn critical concepts and processes that they can immediately apply to their own development cycles. Attendees will also see examples on modern build system set ups, CI/CD, and more. 

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