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Mission Possible: An Emergency Release From the Beach with EBF

- Timesys - Watch Now - EOC 2022 - Duration: 02:11

Picture this: you’re on a beautiful, tropical island vacation with your family. You hear your phone ding. It’s your coworker: “We need an emergency firmware release tested ASAP.” Another late release, last minute fire drill…but you’re thousands of miles from the device you need to test. Your co-worker is stressed, but you’re calm, cool, and collected. 

Why? Because you’ve got your secret weapon: EBF.

Timesys’ EBF, or Embedded Board Farm, is a test automation infrastructure that makes your boards remotely accessible for collaborative software development, testing, and debugging from anywhere in the world. It’s an easy, scalable way to bring your embedded device into your CI/CT process. 

So how does it work? Embedded Board Farm’s REST API and Timesys IO controller hardware allow for seamless test automation on real hardware, pre-integrating with test frameworks including LAVA, Squish, Robot Framework, and Fuego. It also allows for automation of hardware tests (e.g. USB or ethernet hot plug, power control, and audio/video capture).

EBF puts project hardware and Board Support Packages (BSPs) at your fingertips by providing secure remote access for your developers, testers, support engineers, sales engineers and others. This is donely privately and securely behind your firewall, and is completely in your team’s control. You can develop and debug BSPs for any embedded OS (Linux, Android, QNX, etc).

Request an EBF demo here: https://timesys.com/solutions/embedded-board-farm/schedule-demo/

More info here: https://timesys.com/ebf

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Score: 0 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Funny video... But very real situation... I would like to understand how works BFE... Where I can start?

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Glad you enjoyed it! A few places you can check out: more info on our website here https://timesys.com/ebf, a 5-minute explainer video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsyTXTsIDNo, or if you want to see it all in action, you can request an EBF demo here: https://timesys.com/solutions/embedded-board-farm/schedule-demo/.