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Aurindam Jana

Aurindam Jana has been working in the software industry for over a decade and currently works at The Qt Company in Berlin, Germany. Aurindam has his roots in software architecture, design and development through his previous work in Nokia and Qt R&D teams. He moved to Sales at The Qt Company where he successfully led his team in acquiring new business in Western Europe. Subsequent to that, he was responsible for driving Qt's business globally in the Industrial Automation and Consumer market. Currently he is heading Qt's business division delivering software tools for graphics on microcontrollers targeting the automotive, consumer and industrial market segments.

Deliver rich graphical UX without blowing your hardware costs (2020)

Status: Available Now

Microcontrollers (MCUs) are ubiquitous in electronic appliances in consumer electronics, industrial automation, healthcare and the automotive industry, but the user experience of the user interfaces has been lagging behind. Users and operators expect smartphone-like user experiences with every screen they interact - a huge challenge for manufacturers to achieve. The desire to maintain existing supply chains and keeping the bill of materials low requires manufacturers to both improve the performance of their user interfaces while overcoming performance bottlenecks. Now, the most popular C++ development framework, Qt, is expanding its offering for the MCU market, with a new and lightweight implementation which enables the creation of high-performance user interfaces for the most low-end hardware. 

What will you learn during this session?

  • Display Resolutions supported by MCUs
  • Key considerations for graphics on MCUs
  • Deliver a smartphone-like User Interface with Qt
  • Memory footprint and performance indicators
  • Demos

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