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Deliver rich graphical UX without blowing your hardware costs

Aurindam Jana - The Qt Company - Watch Now - Duration: 30:03

Microcontrollers (MCUs) are ubiquitous in electronic appliances in consumer electronics, industrial automation, healthcare and the automotive industry, but the user experience of the user interfaces has been lagging behind. Users and operators expect smartphone-like user experiences with every screen they interact - a huge challenge for manufacturers to achieve. The desire to maintain existing supply chains and keeping the bill of materials low requires manufacturers to both improve the performance of their user interfaces while overcoming performance bottlenecks. Now, the most popular C++ development framework, Qt, is expanding its offering for the MCU market, with a new and lightweight implementation which enables the creation of high-performance user interfaces for the most low-end hardware. 

What will you learn during this session?

  • Display Resolutions supported by MCUs
  • Key considerations for graphics on MCUs
  • Deliver a smartphone-like User Interface with Qt
  • Memory footprint and performance indicators
  • Demos
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Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Thank you very much for the nice presentation!

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | 2 replies

The last slides show links but, as the slides are not available, we don't know to where they are pointing to.
I didn't see support for Mac or Linux as host development OS on the roadmap. Aren't you considering this?

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply
Aurindam JanaSpeaker
Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Support for Mac and Linux are in our product backlog but needs to be put on the roadmap. We are looking for customer feedback to set the correct priority on those items.

Score: 1 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Would you, please, paste an URL which can be used for downloading Qt for MCU. Do you offer "Open source" version also?

Aurindam JanaSpeaker
Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

https://www.qt.io/download -- Please click on "Download Qt", where after filling up a short form, you can get the installer to install Qt for MCUs.
As of now, Qt for MCUs is only available with a commercial license. Other licenses are Small Business License and Education license (free).

Score: 1 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Good Morning, Are slides available?

Aurindam JanaSpeaker
Score: 1 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

I believe they will be made available. you could also send me an email aurindam.jana@qt.io for the slide deck.

Score: 1 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Aurindam, you can make your slides available by drag and dropping the file in the 'Slides' box on the left. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

The only thing is that people who are currently watching your talk might have to reload the page to see it.