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Ismet Faik Saglar

Ismet Faik Saglar is an independent Embedded Systems and Software Consultant specialized in automotive LED lighting & passenger information systems, sensing systems. He has also vast experience in networked backend development in C, Java for Unix/Linux systems added with security, cryptography and communication protocols. He is doing Ph.D. on Mobile Robotics. He holds Bachelor's degree in Computer & Control Engineering and a Master's degree in Control & Automation from Istanbul Technical University.

Everyday Usage of UML State Charts for Your Embedded Application - Minimization of Code

Status: Available Now

This presentation will show you how UML State Charts are used to design the behavior of the main functionality without coding.

Next, you will learn the best practices for design re-use.

After that, simulation and automatic testing of the designed UML state charts will be shown.

And finally, you will learn several alternatives to integrate the designed UML state charts with the embedded source code.

In the session, C language and generic ARM Cortex-M CPU board will be used for  demonstration. IAR Visual State Software will be used as a design, simulation, automatic testing and code generation tool.

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