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Khalil Rashid

More than 10 years in Embedded System Design, providing embedded design services as Consultant in EU market. Trainer for Embedded Software Development, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Xilinx SoCs for Germany, Switzerland and Eastern EU countries. Software Team Leader to manage embedded System projects with PLC2 GmbH in Aerospace, Datacenters and Automotive Industry.

Practical Approach for High-End Embedded System Design (2020)

Status: Available Now

Embedded system design is very challenging as it requires multi-disciplinary expertise in Hardware, Firmware and Software. Most of embedded systems developments ends up as a failed project or not delivering performance as planned initially.  

This can be address by proper planning and selection of suitable hardware and software components. Also design goals and parameters to consider a very important to be evaluated before starting project like:

  • Hardware Complexity
  • Software Complexity
  • Time to Market
  • Development Cost
  • Certifications
  • Functional Safety and Security
  • Feasible Solution

In this seminar, we will learn how to plan a complex Embedded System from hardware, firmware and software point of view. Furthermore, we will see how actually each part will be developed by utilizing Standard off the shelf components available. This makes design simple, cost effective, feature rich and most feasible for particular market. 

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