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Peter McLaughlin

A registered Professional Engineer, Peter has led control software and hardware solution development through to commercialization in aerospace, nuclear, industrial gas turbine, and warehouse automation industries. Having learnt his trade at Rolls-Royce and Siemens, Peter was Director of Industrial Controls & Robotics Engineering at Symbotic Canada before launching Agmanic Vision. Originally British, Peter now lives in Quebec, Canada with his wife and daughters.

Embedded Vision: an Introduction

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Computer vision is being revolutionized by advances in artificial intelligence and edge hardware. By applying Deep Learning, computers can detect features in images more reliably and more effectively than the human eye. Integrating computer vision into embedded systems creates powerful new functionality, exciting new use-cases, and opportunities for entirely new products. Present-day capability and applications are merely scratching the surface of computer vision’s potential, which according to Forbes magazine is essential to the Forth Industrial Revolution. Deploying computer vision in embedded systems however presents considerable technical challenges, in particular requiring knowledge of camera optics and advanced image processing techniques. In this session, Peter McLaughlin will provide a broad introduction to computer vision in the embedded system space. Topics covered include computer vision technologies and their use-cases, camera types and data interfaces, optics, image processing and hardware requirements. Attendees will walk away armed with information to help them get started with embedded vision and apply it to their projects.   


Computer vision, image processing, artificial intelligence.


Attendees will takeaway an understanding of:

  • The impact and potential of computer vision in the embedded system space
  • Embedded vision use-cases, hardware selection and image processing
  • What to contemplate when designing an embedded vision solution
  • How to get started with computer vision and apply it to an embedded systems project

Intended audience

This session targets embedded system developers and managers who are curious about applying computer vision to embedded systems.

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Live Q&A - Embedded Vision: an Introduction

Status: Available Now

Live Q&A with Peter McLaughlin for the talk titled Embedded Vision: an Introduction

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C & C++ vs. Python: The Rise of Scripting Languages

Status: Available Now

Python is the world's fastest growing programming language. It has become the most popular introductory teaching language for computer science courses and the number of Google searches for Python has trebled since 2010. Python's versatility has led to its adoption in web applications, desktop applications, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. In the Embedded System space, however, more than 70% of new systems are programmed in C with C++ strongly positioned as number two. Given the explosive growth of scripting languages such as Python, hiring C/C++ developers is becoming increasingly difficult. In this session, Peter McLaughlin will explore the pros and cons of scripting languages versus compiled languages in the embedded system space. Topics to be covered include: hardware constraints, library support, coding efficiency, readability, robustness, and real-time capability. Real-life examples of Python usage in Embedded Systems will be examined and future trends will be considered. Attendees will walk away armed with information to help them get started with Python and apply it in their next project.

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