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Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore has been in the embedded systems business since 1975. In 1989 he developed the smx real-time multitasking kernel and brought it to market. He started developing SecureSMX about 5 years ago and will be bringing it to market in the next few months.

High Security RTOS

Status: Available Now

This talk explores the features that can be added to an RTOS to create more secure microcontroller software. We start with the advantages of partitioning. Then show how to partition code and how to isolate the partitions. These methods build upon the security features of the Cortex-M architecture. Next, methods are introduced to limit system damage by malware that has invaded a partition. The talk includes numerous diagrams and code samples and emphasis is upon practical solutions that work. The presentation is expected to be beneficial to both programmers and security experts -- it introduces many new concepts that go beyond best programming practices. The talk concludes with suggestions for microcontroller security improvements to further advance the state of the art.

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