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Stefano Fiorentino

Stefano is a professional engineer in Telecommunication Engineering. He started developing software in MATLAB and C for a ray-tracing and earth subsurface tomography, a cluster computing solution. Then he moved working with Qt and C++ for a GUI-based subsurface imaging product. After a really nice period with plain Modern C++ in a financial cluster computing institution, he encountered the Yocto Project and never left it. He is currently team head of the embedded system solutions at adesso Schweiz AG. Father of two daughters, high-handicapper golf player, host at C++ User Group Lugano, co-founder of Italian Embedded.

FOTA-First Approach: a CI/CD Example

Status: Available Now

Preparing a firmware image has never been so easy. Avoiding the struggles to implement a custom software update procedure. Facilitating even more the developer life. Freeing time to concentrate on the actual business logic of the application. All these targets are reachable if you start your next product development from the implementation of the chosen software update strategy. Leveraging all the community-backed implementations of common best-practices will help your team in delivering safer and maintainable products to the market on schedule. I will briefly show you how to have a FOTA-first approach with the Yocto Project, SWUpdate and Jenkins pipelines on a RaspberryPi 3.

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