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Live Q&A - Container-ize Your Build Environment: Advantages of Docker For Firmware Development

Akbar Dhanaliwala - Watch Now - Duration: 25:35

Live Q&A with Akbar Dhanaliwala for the theatre talk titled Container-ize Your Build Environment: Advantages of Docker For Firmware Development
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Score: 0 | 7 months ago | no reply

Agree completely on using unity on the hardware. It needs little resources and direct interaction with the hardware (without mocking) is great.

16:31:06	 From  Keith J : Great presentation Akbar - very entertaining!
16:31:15	 From  Akbar Dhanaliwala : Thank you!
16:36:46	 From  Sai Y : Once you have created a container for your team. How do you maintain hygiene with maintaining the developer the image. Over time, tools are deprecated and new things are added.
16:37:55	 From  Rocco Brandi : is it possible to launch an IDE inside the container?
16:41:14	 From  Dirk Osswald : Hi, could you explain a Little About the Concept of docker-registry that I've heard of? Thank you
16:43:37	 From  enrico : why use a registry when you can just throw the dockerfile in vcs ?
16:44:56	 From  Aabhas : Hi Akbar, My question is regarding WIndows Docker image. What benefit can it offer over VM's when Windows docker images require to be run on Windows host machine? I can see the benefit of using Linux docker images since they can run on different platforms.
16:47:00	 From  Jeremy Overesch : Also, VMs are supposed to have a license for each running windows instance.
16:47:52	 From  Jeremy Overesch : Docker containers are also much smaller and it's a new *clean* instance every time it's run
16:48:17	 From  Keith J : Biggest selling point to me for this is years from now when you need to revise code after you've already changed or uninstalled build environment... in other words a simple change becomes a drama
16:50:22	 From  enrico : <3 ceedling
16:51:14	 From  Jeremy Overesch : How do you do hardware debugging with the docker container?
16:51:15	 From  joffrey : I like Ceedling for its mocking framework.
16:53:54	 From  Jeremy Overesch : Does that work with IAR?
16:54:47	 From  Keith J : IAR licensing can be a challenge too
16:55:27	 From  Keith J : Thank you Akbar.